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Manufactured in the USA

Each face mask is made-to-order in our factory in Garden Grove, CA.

Not only are you taking action to protect yourself, but you are also supporting American factory worker jobs. 

Are you a business and would like to bulk order masks? We offer custom masks for orders of 25 or more. Protect your employees and showcase your brand. Contact us for more details.


Shop My Apparel does not claim to completely protect or prevent you from contracting or transmitting COVID-19, other viruses, or bacterias. Face or mouth masks are barriers to confine droplets from sneezing or coughing.

Our mask acts as a simple barrier between you and the world. They are great for protecting your mouth and face from dust, cold, ash, pollen, allergy, germs, fog and haze, vehicle exhaust, and passive smoking. As with all health decisions, please consult with your trusted medical professional to determine compatibility with your personal situation if you are seeking a face mask to wear in relation to medical issues. We make no medical claims with regard to the usage of these masks.

Please make sure you wash your hands and mouth prior to putting on the mask. The CDC warns about putting on a clean mask with potentially infected hands.